5 tips for a successful start to the semester

Is it time again? Are the semester holidays really over? The start of the new semester is always exhausting and associated with a great deal of familiarization. But one has not recovered sufficiently from the last examination phase.

And now you have to laboriously get out of bed again in the morning and drag yourself into the crowded lecture hall. So that does not go completely wrong, we give you here 5 valuable tips on how to successfully master the start of the new semester.

Timetable | Well planned is half passed

In order to start the new semester in a structured way, you should take enough time at the beginning to carefully compile your timetable. In addition to compulsory modules, there are usually a certain number of elective modules that you have to take. You need to know how many of these elective modules you need per semester to get the required number of ECTS credits. Do not underestimate the amount of work involved and inform yourself at an early stage about which type of exam has to be taken in the selected modules. Depending on whether it is a lecture or a seminar, it can either be a written or oral exam, a term paper or a lecture as an examination.

It is also important that your modules do not overlap in time. Only then you have the opportunity to really be present and learn the learning material and especially the learning materials.

Dates & Deadlines | Delaying is not possible

Studying requires a lot of self-employment. You no longer have parents or teachers who remind you of all important dates. Now one is taken to the duty, has to inform what is due when and sign up for all important matters on time. There are a number of important dates and deadlines that you should not miss. Therefore, here: Inform yourself as early as possible about the crucial dates and enter them in your calendar. For help, here is a small list of the most important dates and deadlines that you should consider:

  • examination insights
  • Feedback BAföG
  • Feedback for the next semester
  • Registration for exams
  • Application deadline for semester abroad
  • examination dates
  • Deadlines for homework

Financing | No moss

If you’re not lucky enough to be funded by your parents, you’ll probably have to deal with the question of where to get the money for the rental and the food. Maybe you had time and were smart and used the semester break to earn enough money for the next semester with a work student job.

This gives you the advantage of being able to concentrate fully on your studies right now. If you have not had a job during the semester break, then it’s high time to get a part-time job. Ideally, this should work well with your timetable and give you enough time to learn.

In addition to the posters at the university special job sites for students are particularly recommended. Especially at the beginning of the semester there are usually many interesting advertisements to find.

In addition to the student job, the BAföG can be a very good support. Whether and in what amount you get BAföG, you can determine roughly on the BAföG calculator. The deciding factor is above all the income of your parents.

If you receive BAföG, you can earn up to € 450 through a part-time job, without this having an effect on the subsidy amount. In addition, you can exempt yourself as a BAföG receiver from the license fees. The application can be found here.

Another way to get some money in the tight student fund are scholarships. However, many do not take this chance because they believe that only extremely gifted students get a scholarship. There are countless scholarships, which are aimed at different target groups and which are usually easier to get than many think. Find a scholarship that fits your profile and give it a try. You can find more useful information on the topic as well as a scholarship database here.

Study groups | Let others motivate you

Study groups are a matter of taste. Some students learn only in study groups, while others consider learning in a group a waste of time. The fact is that a disciplined learning atmosphere within a group can be very motivating. It inspires when other people around you are diligent and can not be distracted. But this is where the danger lurks. In a group, one tends to be easily distracted by side-talks. Nevertheless, to establish a successful learning group, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Find the right people for a study group
  • Set learning objectives
  • Be prepared (have learning materials ready)
  • Arrange breaks
  • Avoid distractions (no mobile phone)
  • Search for a productive environment

Literature | The early bird catches the (book) worm

The literature recommended for the individual lectures and seminars is usually listed by the professors in the first hour. And right after that, it’s time to go to the library and borrow the books. Because there is not a copy for every student. As a rule, the main literature required for the more general lectures during the undergraduate studies has a stock of 20-50 books. In the undergraduate course, around 150-200 students per lecture are not uncommon. And then at the lending just applies: who comes first, paints first.

In addition to the recommended literature, of course, the lecture scripts and other learning materials also play an important role. Again, one should strive to have everything early and completely together. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time in the important testing phase, getting all the important documents. In addition to the lecture scripts you should be able to use your own transcripts or notes of fellow students. This is the only way to know what is really important and, above all, exam relevant.

If you have the opportunity to attend exams, you should also take this opportunity. This will give you an initial insight into the nature of the questions, and prepare you for the exam much more efficiently.

Let’s go | Get out of bed and into the lecture hall

With these tips, you can start well into the new semester and thus provide the basis for a successful further study. If everything becomes too much for you in the meantime and you need a little relief, we can offer you a variety of competent support on our website. Just ask us!